New Game Engine Footage!

2017-09-13 17:07:57 by TyPreeAnimation

Taken down for reasons to be revealed


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2017-09-13 19:35:57

The animation and movements look choppy, you can solve that by making more frames between and easing in and out, it may seem small but it always makes a huge difference.

And instead of just animating the complete fully colored detailed character, it helps to make a rough draft animation first,
start off by simplifying your character into shapes, or even a stick figure. Start with the beginning pose then the last pose, (example lifting up an arm up,the start would be the arm low and the end will be the arm raised over the head) this is called an animatic.

Then after that draw the poses that are in between the first and last.

This technique may seem unimportant but it saves you from making the character stiff and it will help you preview any mistakes in the motion or shapes. Believe me it's a real time saver.

I know this is only the engine, but for the finished game you're going to have to put more details to the backgrounds, you can't experience an adventure if there's no setting.
You could make the levels traditional like ice,forrest, desert,. Or if you want to be creative mix two themes together.

The character design is good though; not even some of experts can do that.
The rest you can surely find on Youtube, don't stop learning and have fun.