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This is rated E?

I love it

I can imagine this is how her future would be. I've only seen pictures and clips of the show, but I'm sure that being a child celebrity would do something to your future.

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Great work. But this is something that was tried before, and alot of the stuff was really familiar. But I liked the puzzles.

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Nice! The art style really complements the game. Simple, but cool. The fact that there's no bright colors or anything seems to give it an edge. The game's game play is nice, fun and not very easy to master if you're doing it mindlessly. The special additions on each level makes it so that the player doesn't get bored and pays attention to the game.

This game is really fun. The sheer joy of killing enemies with a sword is nice gameplay, reminds me of The Legend Of Zelda series. The use of color adds to the atmosphere of the game, and so do the enemies. However, the bats were annoying in parts of the game. And sometimes when you die, you'll bee sent 1 or 2 levels back, which was repetitive after a while. But, still pretty great.

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What were you thinking when you were recording this?

Nice! I like how the atmosphere is quickly established, and doesn't have an unfitting title.

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I love how your characters immediately portray their personalities just from their design.

Your pixel art detail is very impressive, and a very complementary art style to the premise of the comic. The punchline in the comic was based on the personality of the characters, instead of giving the characters whole new personalities. Nice.

thepixelizer responds:

Thanks! This one was definitely a clash between cultures.

Nice job on the visuals; it reminds me of Picasso's abstract paintings, but re-represented to look cartoony. However, looking through your art, there is a majority of trippyland art; I'd recommend making different series and experimenting with your art. If you always make one thing then you will never get a wider skillset, something I learned very recently. So make sure to dip into other forms of art is my recommendation, but it is your choice to follow my advice.

siddikinz responds:

thanks for the review! i agree that it is nice to try different things, but i like to make my trippyland stuff :)

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